Saturday, September 11, 2010

Disneyland - Back Stage Peek II - Wardrobe and Admin

The next time you jump aboard the Monorail for a trip into the Park from the Disney Walk station, grab a seat on the left side of the train and keep your eyes peeled after you pass the main entrance.

As the Monorail turns to the left approaching Harbor Boulevard, look to your left, and slightly back, and you will see a large, green building---this is the Wardrobe building where Cast Members get issued their costumes.

You will also see the front of the old Administration building. It is painted kind of a custard yellow and is fairly nondescript. Part of it is shown at the right side of the photograph. You can clearly see this area from the Monorail.

You can also see the new "Harbor House" entrance for Cast Members as you cross over this area by Monorail. Here is how it looks from the ground---see the Monorail track I'm talking about?

Okay, and for our final view today, the famous Jungle break area and boat storage---which you can see if you are sent as a guest down the back side of Main Street (on the west side) during a heavy traffic day and after a big parade.

They march you right through the doors to the right of the Candy Palace. Here's what they look like on the other side---along with a slightly too cool Jungle skipper in Maui Jim's.

That's enough for today!

As "Little Leota" would say,

"Hurry baaaa-aack."

"Hurry baaaa-aaack."



Amber said...

Nice post! What I'd do for a peek inside that wardrobe building.... hahaha

Anne said...

Are you working again mike? or are these older pictures!? ANyway cool pictures, never seen these parts of Disneyland before! :D Thanks for the update

Yellows said...

Wow, that's not the Wardrobe I remember. And what's with that "return costumes here" bin? You have to take your costume home to wash yourself now, like if you worked at some fast food place?

Connie Moreno said...

I would always take a break back there checking out the equipment and an occasional boat or two!

Connie Moreno said...

By the way, one of your readers after reading your post about the backstage area visable from the parking structure, asked me if I could take a few pictures the next time I went to the Park. I did today and posted them on my blog. Feel free to check it out.

Mike said...


Land a job as a Cast Member and you will be treated to the wonders of Costuming/Wardrobe. Sounds to me like you'd be a perfect fit! I may have a shot of one of the locker rooms upstairs (where you can store your civilian stuff while donning your costume).



I only wish I were still there! This is a photograph from back in 2008/09. What a blast! Few folks get to return to the scene of the crime and not be put away for good. I made it back to Jungle and am forever grateful. Wish I could've had you on one of my boats. My boats knew how to have a good time in the face of danger!



Yes, it is an entirely new building---located outside the berm! Yes, now you take your costume home and wash it yourself (which is why so many cast members have developed a frumpy look of late). I am quite sure that I was the only Jungle skipper to iron my shirt (light starch, thanks). In some ways, being able to bring the costume home saved time, but it was never quite the same as the old days when you handed it in for a fresh one at the end of the shift. Don't get me wrong, Wardrobe will still give you a clean costume every day if you want, but it meant getting there at least a 1/2 hour before your shift to return the old and check out the new. Perhaps I'll post some shots of the front of the "old" wardrobe windows as they appear today.

Thanks, as always for stopping by! It is so rare to have all four (4) readers comment at once on one of our posts! Quite satisfying, no?


JG said...

I'm going to wreck your arithmetic by posting thank you for the backstage shots.

Hope you dont get in trouble for this, showing that Disneyland behind the scenes is like many another workplace.

Love your stuff, never change.


Anonymous said...

Ya gotta be kidding me. You take your costume HOME??? That would have been considered theft back in my day...subject to discharge. I'm lucky I got away with my coonskin cap, Bear Country belt and moccasins.