Thursday, October 2, 2008

Disneyland - Beats A Global Economic Collapse!

The financial news of the past year---particularly these past few weeks---is enough to make you want to stop blogging, dive into bed and pull the covers over your head.

But since it was getting hot under there,
I decided to zip out a post to all four (4) of you fabulous readers of Jungle is "101" (Hi, Mom!).

Here goes.

I'm not saying the economy is bad, but for the first time in our lifetime the Disney parks are offering free admission next year to each of us on our birthday.

With today's admission prices, what is that, a $400 value?
[I engage in hyperbole here, so don't go wacky on me and deluge my in box with emails about the REAL current admission price for adults (one day, no Park Hopper)].

The Bank of Main Street was recently taken over by the Federal Reserve.

Minnie's house in Toontown has a lockbox on the front door and a foreclosure notice written in crayon.

Chip & Dale's tree house property has been vacant for about three years---which is no big loss to the Toontown real estate market because there's nothing to see in there anyway.

Sleeping Beauty apparently just received a notice that the equity line on the castle has been shut off by her bank.

Is there a silver lining?

Will this downturn mean less folks at the Park?

Chances are good that there will be a lot more room, however, the locals may flock there to escape the drudgery and fears generated by the wonderful state of our economy.

In the last Great Depression, people spent their money to go to the movies in record numbers in order to escape the drab darkness of everyday life.

Will Disney theme parks become more popular escape mechanisms than they are already?

We shall see.

The parks are still pretty expensive, even if you hold a valid annual pass. Unless you pack a lunch and drinks for your whole crew, the food prices alone are going to drag you down.

Still, nothing says, "Hey it's okay that we lost the house and now have to live in our SUV!" like a walk down Main Street or a Matterhorn bobsled run.

I'll end with this:

Global economic collapse??

I'm going to Disneyland!

Pax vobiscum



It's All Good said...

Screw it I'm going to Disneyland too...

Anonymous said...

I'll go on my birthday provided I can afford the airfare and stay with the folks at their place in Orange County.

-- Ryan P. Wilson said...

I'm not going to Disneyland, but I'll chime in with I'm going to Disney World. How's that?

Super Careo said...

I agree, to Disneyland it is!

And thanks for the heads up about the free admission on your birthday. I know what I'm doing for my party next year ...

Darth Rob said...

I cant even afford to go across the street!

Tashai said...

free admission on your birthday! awesome...I may get to go now. Thanks for the heads up!

Anonymous said...

Disneyland has always been the Disney theme park that could lure locals in more successfully because of its accessibility. Disney World would probably have a lot more to worry about because it counts on filling a lot more parks with people coming from very far away. That said, as much as the economy looks rough, you wouldn't notice it with people's regular buying habits. I still see long lines at Best Buys, people buying iPods and iPhones, spending big money to see their favorite bands in concert. People are not close to limiting the things that help them escape. They're more likely to not buy big ticket items that are practical yet not exciting (or even needed) like expensive furniture, dinners in fancy restaurants; they'll carpool or limit extensive driving. They're not going to go to Europe or some islands. But I just don't see people not going to Disneyland or Disney World because of the economy. At least not those who've been severely impacted by it. I think so much of the problem is that we're fearing our tomorrow, not our today. I'm 34 and i'm wondering if my 401K is ever going to allow me to retire. I'm not worrying if I'm going to get foreclosed or be able to pay my cable bill. When I was younger and making a lot less money, I discovered the concept of NEEDING vacation. Once a year, got to go someplace. And if Disney is that place, people are going to go. The minute they let Wall St. fear mongering affect that part of their life, than the terror-- er the Lehman Brothers have won.

Andy said...

If only I lived closer to take advantage of the freebie... Love the comment on The Bank of Main Street and the Fed!