Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Jungle Cruise Spiel - A Few More Pages

We continue today with more pages from the 1984
"official" Jungle Cruise spiel, leaving the dock, heading into the rain forest and coming upon the ruins of the ancient Cambodian shrine.

As we left the dock, I introduced myself as everyone from "Mango Mike" to "Les Capable," but generally used my own name (since it was right there on the old Mickey Mouse nametag---Not like I could hide it!).

Though not part of the "official" spiel, or even an "approved alternative," I and most of my Jungle brethren would often start our trip by having the guests recite the Jungle Cruise Oath: (repeat after me...)I hope...

(I hope)

That I...

(That I)





Perhaps you swore this solemn oath once or twice if you ever rode the attraction in the 1970s or 1980s. Very serious business.

Also missing from the official spiel for the toucan/hornbill section of the river (where the Indy line is today) is the following (again, used by countless skippers):

"Over there are three toucans...

...otherwise known as...

...a sixpack."

That one spoke right to the soul of my beer loving jungle cruiser guests.

Like most Jungle jokes: time honored; timeworn.


Anonymous said...

Yes indeed, this DOES look familiar from long ago. But even this was way too bland for most seasoned, dare I say, Jungle Bunnies (as we called ourselves many times). I suspect my copy is squirreled away at my parents house in some dusty box. BTW, you may want to check this interview of one of MY generation on the JC.

Kevin Kidney said...

When I was a skipper (1986-88) the repeated oath was slightly different (or maybe it was only me that did it differently...!)

"I hope..."

"we never..."


outsidetheberm said...

Love these spiels - Would enjoy learning more of the 'unofficial' stuff!