Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Disneyland - Tomorrowland Entrance - 1979-ish - Cast Member Photo

Look at this! Isn't Tomorrowland radiant? You simply could not take this photo today because the Astro Orbiter and its queue would be in your way. This is an "Area Shot" of the cast members taken in the early morning prior to opening. It is a gem and I thought I would share it with you, dear Reader!

How about old Adventure Thru Inner Space shining in the background!? I also love how the sun is reflecting off the pavement in Tomorrowland, as well as the old cobblestone walkway where the entrance to Tomorrowland met Main Street (i.e., under the folks in the photo).


Bearride - Raymond said...

Ahhh! The wonders of polyester! Great pic!

Yellows said...

Looks like there are one or two vending cast members in the back row. I wore the yellow polo shirt and pants with the red and white trim of Outdoor Vending a few years after this photo was taken. One of my favorite spots to work a shift was the ice cream wagon at the Tomorrowland entrance, which would have been just out of view at the right side of this photo.

Nice job! Thanks!

Mike said...


When I wore whites in Day Custodial, of course our friends in ODV were near and dear! Loved the yellow costume! You worked there during a great time, I'm sure you'll agree. Now I hear that the CMs have to wash their own costumes! There was nothing better than picking up a fresh new set of whites at Wardrobe before my shift!

Thanks for stopping by!


Yellows said...


Definitely a fabulous time. There was nothing like pushing out a fully-loaded wagon on a bright July morning, setting up your umbrella, and watching the first guests of the day come running in. Makes me wish I had a summer wallet fact card tucked into my shirt pocket, thinking about what to have for lunch at the Inn Between!

It's truly unbelievable how much has changed.

Ed Pace said...

This photo is from 1980. Nancy Englert was the Ambassador (left side of the photo, checkered blazer and ex-America Sings CM) but, If I remember correctly (+30 years ago) it was ride-ops only no odv, sorry

Mike said...

Thanks, Ed! Appreciate the update. Hope all is well with you. Happy New Year!