Thursday, October 7, 2010

Disneyland - Is it just me or...?

Is it just me or...

  • does anything else come close to a view of the castle as you're walking down Main Street?
  • are the ducks in the Rivers of America among the luckiest in the world?
  • does anything beat warm popcorn fresh from the pan at any of the Park's popcorn carts?
  • could you just ride Big Thunder over and over (and still have a blast?)?
  • does hitting the target above the mine in the Frontierland shooting gallery give you one of the best animated results in the place?
  • is the buffet in Storytellers over at the Grand Californian one of the best "fast food" options around the park?
  • is the tiny Pinocchio's village at Storybookland just begging to be looked at more closely, no matter how many times you've seen it?
  • is the Park looking cleaner overall as you walk through it lately?
  • does the Swiss Family need to regroup and launch a raid to kick Tarzan out of their treehouse?
  • are admission prices getting a little wacky? A family of four needs to open an escrow just to get in these days, seems to me.
  • have the parades been a little predictable and flat? We need more energy, creativity and effective use of the characters!!
  • does Mr. Smee's pants make his butt look big?
  • is Minnie in her cute pumps and skirt simply irresistible?
  • is it about time to hit the buzzer at Club 33 and announce that our party has arrived for drinks and dinner?
  • is it always the case that the hotter the day, the more crowded the line and the less the amount of available airflow, the more likely I am to be standing behind a guy from a country where the powerful effectiveness of deodorant has yet to be discovered or accepted?
  • isn't the Tiki Room lanai something you NEED to build in your backyard? Come on over for a barbeque and some mai tais!
  • do the current batch of tram operators have difficulty clearly enunciating over the PA microphone? (Hello, welco...board...isneylan...tram...hands...arms...well back in your seats...driver, your turn is clear...lef han si and lef han si, only...)
  • is there anything worse than a Jungle skipper whose PA mike volume is turned up way too high? (Think the adults who speak in Charlie Brown cartoons);
  • does Toontown need a paint job? How about a do-over?
  • has Buzz Lightyear worn out his welcome in the Circle Vision Theater building?
  • shouldn't the Peoplemover, at the very least, be allowed to make a comeback? (Later we can talk about the Skyway...)
  • does Adventureland/Frontierland need another restroom facility?
  • does using the Plaza Pavillion for an annual pass photograph station rather than a restaurant seem like a colossal waste?
  • is the smell from the corn dog wagon dangerously intoxicating?
  • can we be done with Fantasmic now and go back to evenings of a little peace, quiet and jazz in New Orleans Square? (Hey, how 'bout moving Fantasmic over to the Disneyland Hotel? Just a thought.)
  • is the old Tahitian Terrace and Aladdin show location kind of a waste of space currently? Um...let's think about putting something of value in here, eh?
  • does everyone use the little walkway from Frontierland to Plaza Gardens to avoid pedestrian traffic jams?
  • does the hair stand up on the back of your neck, too, during the flag retiring ceremony on Main Street when the armed services are acknowledged and the Disneyland Band plays patriotic tunes?
  • does every Disney merchandise location sell exactly the same stuff as every other Disney merchandise location, inside the Park and out?
  • have you, too, had enough of this silly list?


Mark said...

Keep the list going!

And definitely, retire Fantasmic so the rest of us can enjoy that side of the park at night.

Bring back the Peoplemovers!

But keep Buzz. I love that ride. (Although I wouldn't mind seeing Circlevision come back, too.)

ZEKE said...

I loved the list!!

But I say keep Buzz too! It's one of the non-coaster rides that my whole family comes off grinning from ear to ear (we're a wee bit competitive).

Anonymous said...

I'm with you - love your list!

Wayne said...

Well, skipper, I'm not with you on Fantasmic, but fully behind you on sending Buzz to infinity and way beyond and we simply must have the People Mover back. I feel a groundswell forming among your four loyal readers! How can Disney possibly ignore such a force?

Mike said...

Mark and Zeke:

All right, all right, perhaps I was a bit hasty with Mr. Lightyear---it's just that CircleVision was such a great attraction, the old space seems violated with something else in it!


I'm not saying it show go for good---Fantasmic should just go somewhere ELSE! It never seemed to fit with the theming of New Orleans Square, Frontierland and the Rivers of America. Anyone for an 1800s laser light show? Besides, look what it does to the West Side---pretty much shut things down from about 7:30 p.m. to the end of the evening when the show is running in the summer. It is not a bad show in an of itself, though the new dragon seems to have been utterly dysfunctional.

And you are right, how could anyone withstand the charge of Jungle is 101's ENTIRE READERSHIP on an issue such as this! We are indeed a force to be reckoned with. Okay, quick headcount. 1, 2, 3. Mom? Mom! Oh, there your are. 4.


Tim Kulinski said...


I hate to admit it, but Buzz is just a tad better than Circlevision. But hey it was funny watching people fall over in CV when I worked there!

I say Mover needs to come back, I really miss seeing the Movers cars glide by the entrance to Tomorrowland. And while we are at it, put the rockets back on top of Mover. I used to love the Gantry ride up to the top for the Rockets. And the view up there was cool!

Once again man nice post and there is more than 4 reading your blog. So "Move it up Skip!"

JG said...

Mostly with you on this, but keep Buzz and put Circlevision in the Innoventions buildings.

Bring back Tahitian Terrace and PeopleMover.

Also, the last thing I want to think about at Disneyland (or anywhere else) is the fit of Mr. Smee's trousers.


Anonymous said...

Let's face it. The current T-land isn't worth the price of admission.

Connie Moreno said...

OMG I think I found my soulmate!!!

Alissa said...

OK. I need to ask, what is your beef with Toontown?
I really think that Toontown has some of the best overall theming of any land and if you were a fan of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, then you're gonna like the ride. And I also firmly believe that Roger has one of the best queues in the park. Almost up there with Indy with the massive storytelling and detailed theming. Maybe Gadget's Go Coaster is a little weak now, but that's only because it's a kiddy ride that references a show that most kids these days didn't watch (Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers, for those who are unaware) and if you do know the reference, I think the queue made of household objects is cute and clever.
Mickey's house is beautifully done with all the memorabilia paying tribute to Mickey's older shorts, IMHO, and having a set place to meet Mickey is probably a god send for some families.
Just sayin.

Anne said...

I wish they would just get rid of those stupid rocks in front of tommorow land, and astro orbiters to open the space up. And it would be nice to see the people mover running :D

keeline said...

On a recent visit we had a Jungle Cruise ride where the PA system was painfully loud. This was not helped by the fact that we were seated below the forward loudspeaker. We literally had to close our ears with our fingers to complete the trip without fear of ear damage.

We are used to loud sounds since we are both steam locomotive engineers for the Poway-Midland Railroad in San Diego County. Our locomotive has a 3-mile whistle and can be rather loud in the cab.