Thursday, September 23, 2010

Disneyland - I Could Really Go For...

I could really go for...

...a hot cup of coffee at the Market House. of the old fashioned strawberry ice cream sodas at the old Carnation Ice Cream Parlor on Main Street.

...a Lapu Lapu at the Tambu Lounge in the Polynesian Resort in Walt Disney World.

...a mint julep at the French Market counter in New Orleans Square.

...a long sit at the Hungry Bear, watching the river flow by.

...a warm, salted Pretzel at the Mile Long Bar in Bear Country. air conditioned showing of the Country Bear Jamboree.

...a ride in the wheelhouse of the Mark Twain.

...a float from Tomorrowland, through the Matterhorn, and down into the Fantasyland station of the Skyway.

...a trip to the Park in 1967 (thanks, DisneyTim!). Adventure Through Inner Space (thanks Amity Productions!).


...a "Steamboat" from the River Belle Terrace.



Connie Moreno said...

AWESOME!!! I soooo miss the Mile Long Bar and the Country Bear Jamboree. *sigh*

Amber said...

Such a fun post!
I could go for...

A Dole Whip at the Tiki Bar

Some Bacon wrapped Asparagus kabobs at the Bengal BBQ

A round of Musical Chairs with Alice and the Hatter!

A stroll through Main Street to the Hub and into Adventureland and New Orleans Square at twilight when all the twinkle lights and torches come on and the fuzzy soft light makes every color pop.

Adventureland and NOS have always been my favorite area of the parks, hands down.

Anonymous said...

It really is a small world! I know Disney Tim! He is a great guy!

And yes I would like to do most of those things, especially the original Country Bear Jamboree!!

JG said...

I too want all of those things, in any order, except, I want the Mickey pancake at the River Belle Terrace, OK?

Can we finish with dinner at the French Market and Dixieland music?

One of my biggest fears is that they will "modernize" the River Belle Terrace. I heard rumors of a two-story reconfiguration to provide an enlarged dining venue for viewing Fantasmic. Now that's a bulldozer to lay down in front of...


Jonathan said...

All favorite spots of mine, past and present.

Jon Woods