Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Disneyland - Martinis over New Orleans Square

If you do not know about Club 33, you are reading the wrong blog.

If you've never been there, my sincere regrets, but allow me to share a few choice moments from one of my visits.

I made it to the Club as a guest when a court reporting firm my law firm used told us that they had a membership and could get us in whenever we wanted because we were good customers.

I took them up on it as often as I could.

On at least one such occasion, we were seated at a table by the window that overlooked the Cafe Orleans, Haunted Mansion and the Frontierland train station.

I ordered a Ketel One martini (up and dirty, thank you, with three olives) and perused the menu. The food I ordered is not important.

The drink.

The drink came to me on a platter.
A bright young gentleman in a Club 33 waiter's costume gently lifted it from platter to a cocktail napkin on the table to my right.
The classically-shaped glass glistened with condensation.
It had been chilled perfectly.
The contents of the glass sparkled like Monterey Bay.
The olives sat almost frozen in the translucent, syrupy vodka.
They were skewered with a clear, plastic "toothpick" that looked as though it had come straight out of Superman's Fortress of Solitude.
As the waiter left, I was alone with my thoughts for a moment.
Here I was, a guest in Club 33.
The decor was perfect---think Haunted Mansion for the living.
The tablecloth was white (of course).
All my other Disneyland experiences flashed before me: the sun, the colors, the Mickey Mouse balloons, the smell of Pirates of the Caribbean, the exhaust of Jungle boats, the whirl of teacups, the scrape of pan and broom after a cigarette butt, you get the picture.
None came near the bliss of lifting that frosty glass and raising a toast to Walt.
The salty sip of olive juice and the cool bite of vodka mingled in my brain with the view from the window.
I looked down on this area of New Orleans Square that I had so often seen from below.
Yet I still felt a part of it.
I still felt the "Disneyland-ishness" of it all.
All those times in crowded lines, amid screaming children, or dumping trash (or scooping elephant poop), or waving a flashlight at a throng, they all crystallized like the flakes of ice in my Martini.
Here was a moment at Disneyland I never thought I'd see: a cool drink in an elegant venue right in the middle of the Park!
Let me tell you, Jungleteers, THAT was worth the price of admission.
Here's to Club 33!
More importantly, here's to Disneyland!
Many happy returns!



Okie said...

Well, I'm not a drinker, but I am a fan of the elegant and everything I've seen about Club 33 just speaks elegance Disney style.

Club 33 is on my bucket list and I hope to at least get to go a few times (maybe once I'm rolling in dough I can apply for membership and wait the 20 years to get in under my own name).

I love the feel and fun of Disneyland itself but think it would be amazing to spend a day merging the exciting and childlike fun of Disneyland with the calm elegance of Club 33.

One of these of these days...

Suz Broughton said...

I want to go someday so badly--now even more than ever.

Did you see this on Unwrapped about Club 33.


Mike said...

Suz and Okie:

You are two of my favorite readers! Which isn't too shabby when you consider there are four (4) of them in all!. Thanks for the Unwrapped clip, too! I had not seen that one.

My sincere best wishes to you both and my hopes that each of you will get a moment to enjoy a dinner at Club 33 soon!!!


r.e. purr said...

Mr. Kelly,
I spent the last couple of days reading your entire blog. Your tales will help me enjoy our next trip to see the the mouse even more. The JC has been added to our agenda. Is it still advisable to wait until late at night to best enjoy it and the CM's? Thank you for your efforts.
r.e. purr

Mike said...

R.E. Purr:

The night trips on Jungle are among my favorite, but I say: go twice! Once in the daylight hours and once after dark. In the day, the boat is usually full and this makes for a fun group because people are generally more relaxed in a larger pack. The night trips allow the skipper different opportunities for jokes and sight gags and tend to be less crowded with guests. I would go just after it gets dark and not wait until the bitter end---though many folks enjoy taking the "last cruise" of the day!

Since you took several days to read this entire blog, I hope you came across this post: It gives you a sense of the company you are keeping by being a patron of this place!

Thanks for stopping by!


Mr. Lincoln said...

Great post! Ahhh... the little moments in life!

Love the blog!

Anne said...

Hopefully for my 15th birthday, I be able to go to Club 33, and enjoy the ambiance, and great food. Club 33 was the first restaurant I had ever been to, when I was about 1. Oh boy! i wish I could remember it though!

Must have been great, only been twice in my lifetime, our friends have a membership.