Thursday, August 30, 2012

Disneyland - Jungle Cruise - Where's My Boat?

I could sure go for a boatful of captive guests.
Where's my P.A. mic and throttle?
Since it's a work day and I have about five minutes, here are a few other things I could happily go for right about now:
  • A walk down Main Street
  • A leisurely float through the Small World
  • An impromptu performance by Billy Hill and the Hillbillies
  • A cushioned chair on the bow of the Mark Twain and a cup of Starbucks, watching New Orleans Square slide by
  • A roll of hundreds (hey, I'm dreaming here!)
  • Seriously bumping the car in front of me on the Autopia
  • A Skyway ride
  • A pan, a broom, cigarette butts, popcorn and an audience (behind the back! No looking! between the legs! Alley Oop!)
  • A suit, a name tag, a radio and an area where I'M the supervisor!  Heaven help my poor crew...
  • Looking forward to tonight's showing of the Main Street Electrical Parade.
  • On Main Street.
  • At Disneyland.
  • An open faced turkey sandwich at the Inn Between
  • An early morning "dead head" through the rivers of the Jungle
Must run.
You all have a fine day out there!
Be safe and treat each other nicely.
Don't make me have to pull this car over and come back there!



Anonymous said...

Glad to have you back on the rail, Skip. And as for me, the first item would be a walk down an un-crowded Main Street!

Portland, OR

Connie Moreno said...

Hi Mike! It's so nice to "meet" you!

Jonathan said...

Move it up Skip! ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Wow, skip...where did you go???

Boaz16 said...

Even on the day after Thanksgiving I could go a turkey sandwich at the Inn Between right now. Probably the most economically satisfying meal I've ever had; next to free of course but then again it was practically free. Thanks for the delicious memory.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Jungle HAS gone 101...permanently.

Anonymous said...

We miss you, Skipper. Please come back to the jungle! said...

Hi I just RSS "subscribed" to your blog, and wanted to say I enjoyed the 24 or so most recent posts that I had my computer read to me. I see you have not posted in a while I know how that can be I have a blog and podcast of my own both of which get updated very infrequently, but you should know there are folks out there who are still going back and reading your old posts (or "listening" to them as I just have) and I wanted to say thanks and I have enjoyed them,