Friday, September 10, 2010

Disneyland - Free Peek Backstage

I am not here to dispel the magic ever. I know there are true Park devotees who simply cannot get enough information about the place and its workings, whether inner or outer.

Anyhow, today we climb to the upper levels of the "new" parking structure over on the west side of the Park on what used to be West Street.

The next time you park up there, on your way to the escalators be sure to head to the far east end of the structure (closest to the Park) and take a gander.

You will find yourself peeking over the wall at Disneyland's back lot. The tree-lined berm you see from there is the back side of the Rivers of America and the Disneyland Railroad.

Look closer. You just might spot a wayward Autopia car or some other ride vehicle back in the shop for a rehab.
The paint shop is back there, too. I bet you might see a few area trash cans lined up outside of it for some repainting.

To your far left and off in the distance is the Parade Building. You'll never guess what's in there.

You can also see the back side of the Toontown facade and one of the access tunnels that leads under the berm.

I don't have a photo to post for this one, but anyone who parks at or near the top of the structure can get a great shot of a good chunk of the backstage area at the northern edge of the Park.

Not sure Walt would've been too pleased with the location of the parking structure or the glimpses of Diseyland's back areas that it affords to guests.

Not much anyone can do about it now, so go ahead and take a good long peek next time you're at the structure if such sights interest you. Plenty to see!

Happy Friday, Jungleteers!



Amber said...

Yay, first comment! I am now addicted to your blog :D It's interesting that I'm sure lots of people have made many more trips to the park than me, but I seem to have memorized each part of it so that I can wander through even though I'm sitting on my couch. I am all for preserving Walt's magic of the park, but I am also all for learning every in and out, secret and little known fact about the park. I'm the type of person who would LOVE the chance to work at the park but live too far away (San Jose). I would cherish everything I knew about the park but cherish even more the chance to still create magic for guests.
Keep up the awesome posts!

Connie Moreno said...

Son of a gun, sometimes things can be right in your face and you don't even "see" them! How many times have I stood on the top level of the parking structure and looked over at Disneyland? MANY! How many times did it occur to me to take a photo? NONE! Thanks to you, the next time I go to the Park I will shoot some pics and post them on my blog.

When I was a castmember I was too chicken to take pictures backstage - didn't want to lose my dream job! But, after working a couple of private parties and getting off work at 3:00 a.m., I got brave one night and did shoot Main Street while it was being steam cleaned! Gotta go find that pic....

Thanks for a super interesting blog.

Anne said...

Wow! Even though I have never parked on the top of the parking structure and really never plan to, (im one of those get there when it opens people)I did get to see the parade building, paint shop, and all the things you listed backstage. When I was doing a report on Disneyland, I needed an interview and tour, so an Imagineer took me back into the bowels of the park and let me snap pictures. I cant show them to anyone because i said I would only use them for my project, but it was a great experience, and I thank him for that. Nice update, maybe someday when I park at the top of the garage (god forbid) I can take a looksie.