Friday, March 5, 2010

Disneyland - In The Bowels of Village Haus

A while back I made my way to Village Haus for a hamburger.
I recalled my sweeper days when I would enjoy a quick burger at the break room downstairs below the restaurant.
There is a service window for cast members at the far western end of the main counter (it is behind the wall, just inside the service door there).
A diet Coke, Village Haus burger and fries provided me with sustenance on many days.
It was hardly haute cuisine, but it was good enough.
Better yet, it was cool to wind my way through the corridor in the back area and down the stairs. There, in the bowels of the building, was another hallway that led to the break room on the left and restrooms on the right.
Breaks in that windowless room were fluorescent-filled and usually quiet. The room was a pretty good size, with tables and chairs and the obligatory TV set on the wall (usually out of service). Of course, sometimes we would arrange our breaks so that a few of us would head down there together. The company was nice. We always had a good time.

No, there are not tunnels under Disneyland everywhere (like at Disney World).
However, there are a few underground spots---beneath Tomorrowland Terrace and the old America Sings building in Tomorrowland, below New Orleans Square at the old Pit and under Fantasyland and the Village Haus, to name a few.
Lucky me. I have seen them all.

This is Mike, signing off. Enjoy your weekend Jungleteers!



Public Relations Melbourne said...

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Anonymous said...

If you had four readers before, now you have officially five.

Found you through stuff from the park, vintage tickets, viewliner, and gorillas (the Major has an odd sense of humor, eh?).

I really enjoy your commentary and appreciate your opinions about the decline of such special place.

you really bring back good memories to me from my time there as a child.

I visited with my children in the early '90's after ten years away (your years, unfortunately)and found i never wanted to go back again, the management of that time nearly destroyed disneyland.

fortunately our last visit in spring 2008 seems to show a turnaround. keep us posted on your thoughts.

Wish you well.