Friday, August 29, 2008

1980s Disneyland Buttons

Today offers a sampling of the myriad of buttons (and a Pirates Arcade stamped "Pieces o' eight") that could be found at Disneyland throughout the 1980s.

It is true, I was there when the Park turned 25 and again when it turned 30, but the Grad Nite button is not my own.

The "I'm A Winner" button came from the "Gift Giver Extraordinaire" and was accompanied by a large Mickey Mouse plush toy. One of my family members won it during a visit to the park in 1985. You may have a few buttons of your own floating around the house.

As for me, I have a small number of Disney pins but am NOT a pin trader.
Those folks drink a special kind of Kool Aid.
Talk about an addiction.
(Editor's Note: The above comments come from a grown man with a blog devoted to a slice of time over 20 years ago at Disneyland, who has a known affinity for coffee and Martinis---not exactly the type who should be casting "addiction" aspersions).

Have a Happy and Safe Labor Day Weekend all!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog and the link. Very profound and appreciated words. I really dig your site. Despite my 80s affinity for Disney, I didn't get to Disneyland until 2006!! But I've become retroactively interested in Disneyland's long history as well. Great old pictures. Keep up the good work and I look forward to cruising into your archives!

Jason (the Eightiesologist)

Mike said...


No problem. We're all just one big happy family here. We also welcome our friends from Walt Disney World and the Far East (Florida). Their Jungle Cruise is pretty killer. Sure, it's not the "original," but it holds its own quite nicely. Disneyland Skippers have better spiels. This has been proven time and again through detailed studies led by Dr. Albert Falls, the famous explorer.

Namowal said...

I have a few "I'm a winner!" buttons. Can't remember what I won. Maybe the button itself was the prize.
Also have a button from the July 17, 1985 when they let a zillion balloons loose to celebrate the 30th anniversary. I saved a few of the balloons too.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Coffee and Martini's, we share more in common that just a love for Disneyland! I really enjoyed the Florida version of the Jungle Cruise; it’s not a duplicate of Anaheim, and the Florida weather sure helps in the authenticity department!

Mike said...


Ketel One, up and dirty, 3-4 olive minimum.

If you need me, I'll be up in Club 33 enjoying one of these before stepping back into the Park for a run on Big Thunder!

Oh, and Florida's Jungle Cruise---it's pretty darn cool. Skippers are weak compared to the fabulous crew at Walt's ORIGINAL theme park (how's that for a cross-country gauntlet throwdown?!).