Saturday, June 7, 2008

Polynesian Resort - Back to the Beach

Here's a photo of my son's sand castle on the sandy shores of the Polynesian Resort in June 2005. The contemporary resort is off in the distance to the right. We are heading back for another Polynesian stay this summer. We are hoping to get into the Tahiti longhouse this trip. It is very close to the Transportation and Ticket Center ("TTC") and, of course, the Polynesian itself is a Magic Kingdom Monorail Resort. Our last stay three years ago was completely enjoyable. We are dying to get back to Ohana for dinner!
In the image above, it appears that the entrance to the Magic Kingdom is not too far from the end of the rainbow. June thunderstorms in Florida are actually quite refreshing. Last trip it seemed the rain came just in time to knock back the rising heat a bit.
As demonstrated by the shot above of the Polynesian taken from the Monorail, thunderstorms often add to the day by creating a beautiful Floridian sunset. What the heck, we had our ponchos at the ready throughout our stay. Besides, for Californians rain is a welcome sight.
In the photograph above, you just might see a cowboy hat or a sombrero formed in the clouds of a late afternoon sky in Florida. This was taken at EPCOT in front of the Mexico pavilion.
You can take the Skipper out of the Jungle, but...never the Jungle out of the Skipper. Yours truly at the helm of a Boston Whaler in the wilds of the Seven Seas Lagoon. Notice, my crew appears to be missing---again. I hate it when that happens. We'll be sure to post shots of our latest trip in the near future. Only 11 days until we hit the skies for Florida!

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Anonymous said...

We stayed at the Polynesian three times in the 80s (and once at the blander Contemporary). I probably took it for granted when i was younger but as I got older, I develop an affinity for polynesian themes (thanks to a recent trip to Hawai'i). Now I wish I could afford to stay at the hotel! It really is one of Disney's finest hotel gems.